Terms and conditions of using the Internet service " add24 "

§ 1

Regulations define the rules for using the Internet service " add24 " ( hereinafter referred to as " Service "), which allows to place orders , services , offers, ads , business cards.
Please read the full rules for website .
If you do not agree to the terms, please do not use this
website. Entering the website means that you agree to the binding legal notice .

1.Service is owned by Global System Access LTD , based in 56 Mill Mead Business Centre, Mill Mead Road, N17 9QU London , Company No. 8633516 (hereinafter referred to as " Administrator " ) .
2. Service is located on the Internet at : 
3.Service User may be a natural person with legal abilities, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, registered in the Service via the form available on the Service website . The Administrator will give each User a unique name that identifies the user on the website (hereinafter referred to as " the Login ") and allow determination of the password assigned to the Login through the mechanisms of the Service.

4.The user is required in the course of registering with the Service to accept the Regulations. In addition, before each use of the Service ( logging in ) the user is obliged to check whether the provisions of these regulations have not changed. In case of amendments to the Regulations on the conditions specified therein, the user starting the use of the Service ( signing up for the service ) accepts the Regulations applicable on the date of logging on to the Website. Acceptance of the Rules is synonymous with the commitment to comply with the terms by the user. If the user does not accept the amendments to the Regulations, then he should submit a request for the removal of his account, in accordance with § 10, and stop using the services, subject to the provisions of § 10 act 2 below.
5.The functional part of the Service may be used by a person who does not have a status of a member in case of failure to register in the Service, hereinafter referred to as " guests " . For guests, according provisions will apply, which relate to Service Users. This means, in particular, that the Guest before using the Service is required to accept the provisions of these Regulations .
6. The users, in the course of using the Service, are required to comply with current law in the UK and good manners, including following social norms , mores and morality adopted for using the Internet.

§ 2
Registering in the Service

The full functionality of the Service may be used only by the users, entities, who have registered in the Service in accordance with the procedure set in this paragraph.
Website Registration is in two steps:
a. Step 1 - requires the User to give some data in the registration form required to be able to use the Service, in particular those that are marked as mandatory
b . Step 2 – activation of the account.

1.The user must activate his account within 24 hours after having received the activation e-mail . Otherwise, the activation of the account will not be completed and the user will have to repeat the registration process again .

2.User Registration on the Website is possible after the 1 and 2 -step registration. The user is obliged to fill in the fields that are marked as mandatory . Without filling the mandatory fields, using the Service will be impossible. The administrator has the right to request a change or prevent registration of the Login, which includes in its content expression commonly considered as offensive, inconsistent with morality or violate the rights of third parties.

§ 3
Terms of using the Service

1.Using the parts in the Service are free for users. The Service may also be provided with paid services. The User before using a particular service is required to verify the nature of the service. Starting to use a paid service, means that the user agrees to the terms of its financial conditions.
2.Using the Service involves the possibility for you ( the Customer ) to order services ( description of services to be performed as a result of an order after choosing Offers by the Principal ) to offer ( description of a specific embodiment of the Order Services along with the price submitted by the Service Provider ) and can be done after logging in to the Website .
3.It is forbidden to use accounts of other users as well as sharing accounts , including login and password, by third parties . You can have only one account that is associated with its Login in the Service.

4.Orders, Services, Offers, Ads may be submitted by each user .
5.Descriptions of Orders , Services, Offers, Ads cannot contain text that violates the provisions of British law and the rights of third parties.
6.Any actions by the users are not acceptable which may impede or destabilize the Website or usage of the Site by other users. In the event of a finding by the Administrator that the user is allowed to such actions, the Administrator will immediately block the account of this user.
7.By starting using the Website, the user declares that information and materials provided on the website will not : be false, inaccurate or misleading; will not infringe rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights and personal property; will not violate applicable law; not be offensive and will not contain threats directed at third parties; will not include contents that can provoke disgust or can be pornographic; are morally or ideologically controversial; shall not prejudice the reputation or image of the Administrator; will not constitute a breach of the provisions of these Regulations or the rules of the respective services. You are fully responsible for the given data, information and materials referred above.
8.The administrator has the right to remove content from the website , including orders , services , offers , ads , and others that violate the provisions of the Regulations or provisions of law without the need to inform users.
9.The Administrator reserves the right to place information and advertising content coming both from him and third parties on the Service.
 10.Suspension or termination of the account, deleting orders, services, offers , advertisements, comments on the grounds specified in act 8 does not result in reimbursement of expenses incurred by the user.


§ 4
User data protection - privacy policy

1.At the end of Step 1 of registration you agree to the processing of personal data by the Administrator under the terms of these Regulations and the provisions of current law, in particular in accordance with UK law .
2.The personal data administrator is the administrator .
3.Personal data provided voluntarily by the user when registering on the Website and in later updates of the data are processed by the Administrator for the purposes of the statutes, statistics, marketing, information and advertising related to the functioning of the Service, including selling goods and services offered through the Service and for the purposes of marketing activities related to the provision of those services and selling of goods (including providing information about new promotional offers, new products and services and activities undertaken in cooperation with other business entities). Selecting the registration form the " I agree to receive marketing information", understood as consent to receive information about new promotional offers, products and services and other business information by the transfer of such information by electronic means (eg .text messages, e -mails ) is tantamount to such consent in accordance with the provisions of the Law on electronic services .
4.Administrator declares that he has taken steps to protect your personal information in the manner required by law. In order to ensure data security in the Service Users are applied security technologies and additional programs to protect your privacy .
5You have the ability to access and modify your data , including personal data via the web service . You may request deletion of your personal data from the database of the administrator. The administrator may refuse to remove personal data in legally justified cases .
6Administrator without the consent of the User cannot not publish or otherwise make available the information to  the third party, including personal information, with the exception of the information available to decide by the user which are determined by the mechanisms of Service.

7.You have the right to control the processing of personal data in the field and on the terms set out in the Act on the protection of personal data , in particular to obtain information about the processing of his personal data. You have the right to make changes to the posted data . You also have the right to completely remove your personal data from the Service by removing the account on the Website. Administrator allows deletion of your personal data in the field and in the manner permitted by law.
8.The user who obtained the data of another user in the course of or in connection with your use of the Service is required to use them solely for the purpose directly related to the services of the Service. It is not allowed to use the data for other purposes , or their transfer to third parties by users .
9.You acknowledge that the data can be made available by the Administrator in cases provided by law, in particular the Act on Providing Services by Electronic means, including at the request of an authorized state body , as well as - in the case of delay by the User of payment for services rendered by the Administrator or its partners within the Service - lawyers and institutions involved in debt collection .
10.The user has the ability to self- decision to transfer their personal data and contact another User of the Service through the Website available communicator , or by placing the contact details on your Business Card . Administrator does not share personal information and contact other users of the Service Users . Does not apply to field Login or images voluntarily placed by you
11.The user is obliged to update his data , including personal data , immediately after any change in the data. Obligation to update the data does not include the Login .

§ 5

1.Anyone can post comments on the Website
2.The content of comments cannot violate the personal rights of another user concerned , laws and morals.
3.The administrator has the right to delete comments breaching the Rules without notifying the concerned users.

§ 6
Obligations of the User

1.Orders , services , offers , ads must be precisely described. You bear full and sole responsibility for the information, in particular for the consequences of incorrect or imprecise placement description.
2.Jobs, services , offers , ads must be placed in the appropriate category of service under the threat of removal by the Administrator or - at the discretion of the Administrator - transfer to another category recognized by the Administrator as appropriate.

§ 7
Communications of the Administrator with the User

1.The administrator has the right to send information related to orders , services , offers, ads from and to other users.
2.You have the right at any time to change your account settings concerning receiving messages.
3.You agree to receive marketing messages directly from the Administrator or the Administrator partners through the Administrator.

§ 8
Business card in Business Directory

1.Business Card is a service provided by the Service , relying on posting detailed information about the User and its offers for the selected period of time by the Service Provider .
2.Business Card is a free service - basic entry and paid - Premium entries .
3.Service Provider to activate the service card should publish it for a selected period of time.
4.Each extension of publications of the card causes the extension of the expiry date cards for a selected period of time.
5.The content placed on the Business Card corresponds to the user .
6.The administrator has the right to block the display of cards on the site if the content violates the provisions of these Regulations. This entitles the Administrator even if the Service Provider has paid for the card. Business card’s expiry time is not extended by the period in which the card was blocked .
7 Administrator can block the display of the Business card for violation of the provisions of these Regulations , it is the basis for the reimbursement of fees incurred by the Service Provider .
8.Adding content to the Business card , you should have the right to perform services contained therein , and they cannot be prohibited by law or these Rules .
9.You bear full legal responsibility for placing offers, services’ content and their execution in the Business Card.

§ 9
Responsibilities and guarantees of the Administrator

1.The Administrator reserves the right to discontinue or temporarily discontinue the Service or to change the Internet address at which the service is provided , and changes in the functionality of the Site, without giving a reason after informing users of such decision via e-mail . The Administrator shall not be liable to Users in connection with the implementation of the powers referred to above.
2.The Administrator does not take any responsibility for the quality of products and services provided by Service Providers and Clients reliability . Full responsibility for the services and products offered on this website , including information contained in orders , services, offers and advertisements , and comments shall be borne by Customer and Service Provider . Placing orders on the Website , Services, Offers , Ads does not mean that the Administrator in any way confirms its credibility and legitimacy. The administrator does not bear any responsibility for actions or omissions of other Members .
3.Administrator does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Service.
4.Administrator will take action to ensure correct operation of the Service, in terms of the opportunities arising from the available technological level . Users must be aware, however , that the administrator cannot achieve the purpose mentioned above. Administrator is not responsible for any consequences of the use of the Website , in particular, the Administrator shall not be liable for any loss which may be suffered by users for technical reasons related to the operation of the Service, in particular due to software bugs, hardware failure or failure of telecommunications links . Administrator does not assume any responsibility for the lack of continuous availability of the Service on the Internet.

5.Administrator is not responsible for the speed of transmitted data and the limitations of technical conditions , technological, systemic and types of communication links .
6.Administrator is not responsible for any damage users associated with the Service Interruption due to the need of maintenance or repair of the system, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Administrator.
7.The administrator has full rights to remove or block the user account in any way violate the provisions of the Regulations and to verify or removal orders , services , offers , or Advertisements, which are questionable.

§ 10
Deleting User’s Account

1.You have the right at any time unsubscribe from the service , which is tantamount to deleting your account , and the loss of any rights acquired in the Service. To do this, you must notify the Administrator using the appropriate form available on the Website in the " contact " .
2.The user who requests the removal of the account or the account will be removed as a result of lack of acceptance of amendments to the Rules , which has an active orders , services , offers , ads acknowledges that the removal of his accounts will be at the close of the relevant transaction.
3. Account User may be terminated or suspended by the Administrator as a result of your breach of the Regulations .
4.Removal of a User's account is synonymous with the removal of his personal data from the Service, except where removal of personal data will not be permitted by law.

§ 11
Complaints , inquiries and irregularities report

1.Any inquiries , suggestions , complaints , statements and information about existing problems relating to the Service , you may send by electronic mail to or by post to the following address: 83 Ducie Street, Manchester , M1 2JQ . The administrator has the right to request confirmation of the complaint or other notification sent via e-mail by you or any third party in writing.
2.Administrator will make sure to deal with the reported complaint within 30 days of its receiving . If the complaint at this time cannot be resolved , the Administrator shall notify the claimant in writing of the reasons for the delay and the expected date of complaint .
3.Administrator shall immediately after receiving reliable information that the information or other materials on the Site infringe the proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights of third parties , or other provisions of law, prevent access to such information ( materials ) pending investigation . Administrator shall immediately notify you of the situation via e-mail .
4.Users who understand that information or other materials displayed on the Site in violation of these Rules shall immediately notify the Administrator by sending an e - mail to the address : . The transmission of information in this respect are also invited third parties , which gain knowledge in this respect.

§ 12
Intellectual Property of Administrator , his partners and Users

1.Subject to the second sentence , all trademarks shown on the Website are the property of , or are licensed to the Administrator or its partners . Trademarks placed in orders , services, offers , ads and comments are owned by the entities in which they are placed in them , possibly these entities use them on the basis of the relevant authorization. The Administrator is not responsible for the accuracy of the presumption contained in the preceding sentence .
2.The provisions of paragraphs . 1 are applicable to other objects of intellectual property protection .
3.On the basis of these Rules, Users do not receive any license or other authorization to use the intellectual property rights of the Administrator or its partners . Their use by users requires the appropriate permission .

§ 13

1.Invoices are only generated at the user’s request.
2.Invoices are issued using data provided by the User in the form of payment.

§ 14
Amendments to the Regulations , regulations detailed

1.Administrator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept the amendments to the Regulations , you have the right to remove your account from the Service in the manner specified in the Regulations.
2.The Administrator reserves the right to create regulations specific for the use of the various services available on the Site . These rules will be available on the Website . Users of the services with its own rules are required before using the service read the Terms and its provisions.
3.Changing the Rules is valid from the moment of its publication on the Website . The administrator will put the date of the last amendment of the Rules at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions .

§ 15
Final Provisions

1.These terms and conditions shall be regulated according to the British Law.
2.All disputes arising in connection with these terms of using, shall be subject to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Users are required to attempt to clarify the dispute amicably with the Administrator.
3Descriptions of the content of the paragraphs are purely incidental and will not be taken into account when interpreting the provisions of the Regulations.

Regulations valid from 1st August 2013.